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How It Works

The Simple Associate makes smart templates and completes them using your work product

Step 1

Upload Document

  • We use the information from your document to fill out a caption and partially-complete templates applicable to the uploaded-document's procedural posture

  • Example: If you upload a complaint, our smart platform takes the party names, causes of action, and other information and uses it to complete templates for drafting responsive pleadings, demurrers, motions to strike, and motions to compel arbitration

Step 2

Add Text

  • Choose what document you'd like to draft and select text to add to it from relevant content taken from your work product

  • Example:  When drafting an answer, you can add affirmative defenses from answers you've drafted in the past by clicking each affirmative defense you'd like to include

Step 3


  • Once finished, click "open in Word", add content as necessary, and sign the document for filing

  • In addition to your selected provisions, the document you open will already have a completed caption and will be formatted in conformity with the presiding court's local rules  

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